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Muay Thai or boxing: Which is Better?

Jan 3


Different forms of martial art based on strikes have fought to determine which art is superior over the rest. While Muay Thai fighters have proven to be the most successful in settings that permit practitioners of different combat styles to test their skills against one another in mixed martial arts, it won't be entirely accurate to describe it as the best martial art.


In reality, no martial art is superior to one another. It all boils down to what level of proficiency of the individual martial artist and what is more natural to them.


Deciding if Muay Thai Or Boxing Is The Best Choice For You

Muay Thai is one of the most diverse striking art in the world. It requires using your shins and fists as well as elbows, and knees to defend and attack. It also includes more grappling than many of the other martial arts, such as boxing, Karate, and Kung Fu. While Clinch work is a common practice in these arts it's still an essential part of Muay Thai.


Boxing is the most popular striking art around. The world is awestruck and some of the most epic boxing matches in history virtually shut the world down for a day. It's a thrilling sport to watch because of the amazing level of skill professional boxers demonstrate.

Learn the Differences Between Muay Thai and Boxing


After we've discussed the similarities between these art forms we can now examine the major differences between them.


1) Muay Thai Is The Most Flexible Art


Muay Thai fighters are equipped with a wider array of equipment than boxers. Muay Thai fighters are equipped with many more tools than boxers, who only use their fists to fight. In the end, there are many more techniques to master when learning Muay Thai.


Muay Thai is a sport that involves clinch work which is not allowed in boxing. Referees usually run to separate both fighters when they're clinched up in a boxing match. Clinch work is one aspect of fighting that separates Muay Thai from other striking arts.


The fighters can hit powerful strikes and throws using the Muay Thai plum. If you're interested in self-defense, it's possible to meet the opponent you are fighting in a clinch. So, knowing how to fight in the clinch is an essential capability.


2) Boxing Stances Create Better Angles


You must also take into consideration the differences in stances while selecting between Muay Thai or boxing. Boxers maintain their feet around shoulder-width apart, which allows them to make wide angles that put them in ideal locations to hit and dodge precise punches. Muay Thai fighters adopt a higher stance and keep their feet further together. This helps their opponents to see strike throws and kicks with their back leg.


Both stances have their advantages and disadvantages, but boxers tend to be more fluid with their moves. They can slide, bob and weave more easily than use the Muay Thai stance.


3) Muay Thai Takes Longer To Master


Boxers are specialized in using their hands to weaponize themselves, therefore it takes less time to master the fundamentals. Muay Thai fighters have to learn to master techniques using their fists knees, elbows, and shins. These take longer.


Muay Thai fighters with more tools is a good argument for it to be the best self-defense method, but the reality is a bit more complex. Most self-defense scenarios do not include throwing techniques like spinning kicks. There are usually two people who throw violent punches at one another until someone goes down or grabs the other.


That's the type of Denver boxing that helps prepare the participant for a fight. Boxers are better at protecting against punches more than Muay Thai fighters. They generally have better footwork and throw stronger punches.

It's all about what suits you best


Muay Thai fighters will claim that it's the top way to fight, and boxers will tell you the same things about their sport. It is true that anyone who is proficient at boxing or Muay Thai can be competent to defend themselves. Both are enjoyable fighting styles that keep you in top shape for your life.

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